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Foxtale Productions

Foxtale provides a vast array of creative video production services designed to increase your brand visibility and grow your business. We take the time to understand you and your unique story before we ever start recording. Canned video services are not our game. Foxtale Productions takes video to the next level by combining unmatched quality, quick turnaround, and industry leading innovation. Our range is sweeping, and our skill is unmatched. Look no further than Foxtale for all your video needs.


Story of


Cunning. Bold. Playful. Agile. Infinitely interesting.  


The fox’s presence in folklore is legendary. Their stories are intriguing. When a fox locks eyes with you, he says, “You cannot look away.” He’s right.


At Foxtale Productions, our aim is to capture who you are and craft your brand’s stories with innovative and magnetic content, content from which your audience won’t be able to look away. We look to outsmart the competition and let your brand live and breathe happily ever after.

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