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If you are tight on a budget or not ready to invest fully in video production, you should really consider our intro video production package. In fact, if you could only create a single video for your company, make it the intro video created by Foxtale, because it is the best of the best in quality, and gets your audience to know you and your product/service in one take.

Intro videos help you to earn trust from your audience. It creates awareness, as regards who you are as a business and the products or services you offer, while allowing your prospective customers to get to know you in a relaxed environment. It may be the first impression your audience gets about you. So, it is important for the intro video to be done right and professionally.


Foxtale offers businesses, artists and entrepreneurs prime video solutions in an amazing package deal. The offer includes:


We meet with you to discuss and understand your vision. Then we find a way to translate that vision into a script that showcases you as your audiences’ favorite.


The next step after getting and defining the full scope of your intro video project is to create the video from scenes and images. The best part of our video production style is we don’t have to invade your workspace with equipment and a crew. We can use your voice or the voice of our artist to record the script and create the magic.


We use original music, soundtrack and best quality stock footage to bring your vision to life. Our signature editing style eliminates all unnecessary elements, and adds a touch of grandeur to your intro video. We also provide the layer-upon-layer style of editing to ensure the message and style stay on track, consistent with your vision.


After we have created and fine-tuned your intro video to suit your style and needs, you are ready to inspire your audience. We will be at the ready, guiding the positioning of your video to ensure it reaches the widest possible audience. At Foxtale, we create stunning intro videos that turn the audience from casual viewers to clients and life-long fans.

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