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We walk you and your team through each stage of the production process. We’ll help you capture your vision, craft your message, and then (and this is key) translate that on camera to create magic.


Live and virtual events are a critical undertaking for many companies. We’ll ensure your event is skillfully captured and/or livestreamed seamlessly. You’ll not only realize your ROI, we’ll make sure your pandemic driven pivot successfully incorporates livestreaming into your traditional in-person only events (with no cringeworthy moments). Your audience will feel part of the action with multiple camera angles and creative and appropriate emphasis. 

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We can take any raw material (ranging in quality from exceptional to abysmal) and transform it with best-in-class editing. From one piece of material, we know how to extrapolate dozens of stories that will help grow your brand. We can bring your material to life. We have helped organizations repurpose quality content with creative post production solutions. 

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For those ready to create a regular stream of qualified leads you can use to expand your business with ease.

Film Equipment

how we think about the things we offer

and why we offer them

Foxtale Products is the video agency that does it all. Our video services are innovative and custom. They are designed by us, for YOU.


We don’t just show up with a camera. We don’t just start recording. We don’t just give you a nice video and wish you the best. We’re in this with you. We help you craft the story you want to tell, skillfully include messaging you want to convey, and use the right tone to do it. When it’s all done, we’re still not done. We help you understand how to use that video to accomplish your marketing goals. A great video can’t do much if the right people don’t see it.


Thinking about venturing outside the traditional box? We’re happy to go there with you. Contact us today to discuss unique video strategies to help your business grow.

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