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VIDEO production

Cinematic Video Production for Businesses, Artists, and Entrepreneurs

In 2021, 90% of marketers recommended video content because of its huge ROI and lead generation potential. Still, many entrepreneurs and artists shy away from adopting video in their marketing strategy because they lack the resources and expertise to make quality videos. Unfortunately, they end up losing a considerable number of customers to their competitors that use video.

You don’t need to fall in this category because with Foxtale, video production is as simple as ABC. 


Foxtale creates high-quality and scenic videos in various categories. From 15 seconds promo videos to full-fledged documentary projects, we have the resources, expertise, and experience to deliver. We will help you bring your imaginations to life with clarity and professional execution. Beyond our extensive knowledge and resources, we have the most amazing processes that make video production as seamless as possible.



First, we take a needs assessment to discover what you want. Our first meeting with your team will help us know what you want, the concepts you already have, and the stage of the script. We also know if we need to take full charge of the project from conceptualization to delivery.


This is the part of the video production where the actual shooting is done. We capture and bring your vision to life with an expository interview session on tape, taking still images, and shooting inspiring scenes. Our style of working on set is so light and convenient that even the most timid of persons will feel at home on our set.


Foxtale has a unique way of editing videos that brings the cinematic experience to life with your project. All projects pass through 3 phases of meticulous edits to screen out all unnecessary elements and keep the video as engaging and to the point, yet detailed as possible. From checking the storyline and narrative, the quality of every shot, to ensuring the message is delivered in its entirety, our editor takes your project on the most thorough spin in just 3 rounds.


Your masterpiece is ready. Now is the time to turn your audience into clients. We guide the positioning of your videos to give it the maximum possible reach, so your clients will always find you through the video. It’s a fool-proof way to boost your ROI and give your video the reception it deserves.

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