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video content that expands your brand

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We walk you and your team through each stage of the production process. We’ll help you capture your vision, craft your message, and then (and this is key) translate that on camera to create magic.


EVENT & LIVE streaming

Live and virtual events are a critical undertaking for many companies. We’ll ensure your event is skillfully captured and/or livestreamed seamlessly. You’ll not only realize your ROI, we’ll make sure your pandemic driven pivot successfully incorporates livestreaming into your traditional in-person only events (with no cringeworthy moments). Your audience will feel part of the action with multiple camera angles and creative and appropriate emphasis. 





We can take any raw material (ranging in quality from exceptional to abysmal) and transform it with best-in-class editing. From one piece of material, we know how to extrapolate dozens of stories that will help grow your brand. We can bring your material to life. We have helped organizations repurpose quality content with creative post production solutions. 

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Who is Foxtale

and what do we do (generally)?

At Foxtale, we’re as excited as you are about your brand. Just as no two fingerprints are alike, no two brands have the same combination of soul, purpose, and personality. Because we approach each project as a unique challenge, your videos will be fresh, exclusive, and custom. Watch your brand come alive as Foxtale captures the essence of who you are. Your partnership with Foxtale means that we become integrated into your core, making developing and executing video content strategies as seamless as possible. Like our namesake, we are clever, resourceful, and creative.

Video Accessories

We gave Foxtale a lot of freedom on our promos to be creative and they absolutely delivered while maintaining the utmost professionalism, even helping me to market the videos on youtube. I highly recommend Foxtale for any video project, particularly music.  This is the second opportunity I have had to work with them and they did not disappoint!

Mara Gibson

Composer of Escher Keys and Associate Professor of Composition at LSU

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Foxtale Approach

Nathan Velasquez, Owner and Founder of Foxtale Productions, has spent years perfecting the ins and outs of video production and strategic marketing tactics. That combination has served to create a unique presence. He takes the time to learn about his clients’ organizations, markets, challenges, brands, and personalities. Using those insights, he and his team are able to craft video products and solutions that resonate. 


That reputation has allowed him to include some of the best freelancers in the industry on his team. This “teamlancing” approach means that every client gets to work with an all-star lineup. It’s another example of the trendsetting and innovation for which Foxtale is famous.

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